OOTD: March 30 – statement necklace to the rescue

This outfit is a very old one – I bought the skirt about five years ago and forgot I had it – so it was feeling very rejected at the back of my wardrobe.

To make an old combo en trend, I think the easiest revamp is a statement jewellery piece. I love a big chunky necklace and you can never lose with a simple blouse and a glittery collar!

Skirt (with belt) – Topshop (forgotten the price it is so old!)

Shirt – another staple Primark buy £8

Collar necklace – Topshop £15  


The Pelican Club, Lace Market

Lured here by the idea of live jazz and a comfy chair, my little party of four were slightly disappointed to arrive and find neither of the former and few of the latter – but perhaps that was more a slight on our part by setting the bar (mind the pun) a little too high for a Saturday night out rather than in.

The Pelican Club is definitely a refreshing, if not a little cramped, new addition to Nottingham’s night life. It opened last year but I only got round to visiting it for the first time at the weekend with my sister who was home for her birthday and the boyfriends. I’d heard positive reviews, but was keen to sample the ‘unique’ addition to the city myself. Live jazz compared to booming dubstep is certainly more my thing – and we have such offerings aplenty in Nottingham.


We arrived around 9pm and the performers were just setting up. Two cocktails later and not a seat in sight, there was still no jazz in the air, but there was a lovely buzz about the little restaurant and the staff were exceptionally helpful, suggesting certain cocktails for certain tastes without being asked.

The drinks were well made and presented, as well as well priced, and the food looked very good too. The atmosphere was one of murmured contentment from the drinkers and the eaters alike. I’d have liked to have been greeted by a hum of mellow jazz on arrival, but the Pelican Club certainly delivers on other points, namely offering a nice alternative to the run-of-the-mill bars in the city centre. I’d compare it to Tilt, Boilermaker and Malt Cross in terms of decor – but the combo of good smelling food and delicious cocktails knocks it up a few levels from other bars in my opinion.



Halloumi and spinach parcels of a Monday

Halloumi parcels

I love the idea of cooking, although it doesn’t always turn out Nigella-style when I’m the centre stage chef (there was a troublesome-looking and unusual tasting blackberry tealoaf that emerged from the oven last week which I won’t dwell on, for example).

But I love food and I love creating things, so I’ll be adding the odd recipe to my blog from time to time when things I make turn out to taste yummy.

This one is really simple.


* Filo pastry (definitely pre-bought, for ease!)

* Halloumi

* Baby leaf spinach

* Paprika


Cut up the halloumi into bite sized portions. Fry it off in a non-stick pan with a few teaspoons of paprika (obviously add more if you have a spicier palette) until the cheese starts to brown.

Then add in the spinach until it is wilted.

Next, cut out as many 15cm in diameter circles of the pastry as you can. Put a teaspoon of the cheese and spinach in the middle of each pastry disc and fold the edges over so that you create a half-moon shaped parcel. Press edges together to seal.

Pour some vegetable oil into a pan and heat until very hot (no idea of the temp I’m afraid – just be careful as it is fat and it spits a lot). Drop the parcels one at a time into the oil, turning with a wooden spoon, until they are crispy and brown.

Remove from the oil carefully and leave to rest on some kitchen roll to drain off the excess oil.

These yummy little parcels are great for lunch, starters at dinner parties served with a bit of rocket and parmesan, or for freezing. I had some mixture left over so also made some little tartletts, which I baked in the oven.