I’M not by any stretch of the imagination an intrepid traveller. Those who know me well are all too accustomed to how I get tetchy on motorways, don’t like buses and dislike trams even more. And I’ve been known to viciously hyperventilate on planes. So trekking round the Australian outback or abseiling down Canadian waterfalls […]

Cobbled Church Street leading up t0 the 199 steps

EVERY October half term when I was a child my parents would take my sister and I to Whitby, home of Dracula, the best fish and chips in the world and warrens of delightful little winding streets and hidden passageways. It is a place I think of fondly because it was and still is so […]

Inspiration even before you get inside...

AS a journalist, you will often get the opportunity to do fun and exciting things with the small commitment of a few-hundred-words feature in return. Some fun things I’ve done so far during my time at the Nottingham Post include a trip to Lapland, a break in some luxury five-star hotels and interviewing Ed Miliband. […]

Biscuit Dog.

FINDING the Perfect Apartment is a very tricky business. In our case, we needed somewhere central to the city, within a £600-a-month budget and with a car parking space. These things were all essentials. But the things which make the apartment I found perfect are far more intricately detailed than somewhere to slot my car […]

Double the churros (or so it seemed due to nifty presentation)

AS of late I’ve developed a bit of an addiction for taking pictures of food. Not Muller-light-at-lunch-time kind of photos, but snaps of food when I’m eating out. I get this overwhelming urge to whip out my iPhone every time a dish is placed in front of me or whoever I’m with. Part of the […]

Heart shaped, and a potatoe

AS the shops gear up for February 14 by producing as many things as possible in the shape of a heart, from hot water bottles to breast enhancers (yes, I spotted some heart shaped chicken fillets yesterday, subsequently convinced myself this must be a ‘joke’ gift), I decided to delve a little deeper into what […]

Mint, mango and onion chutneys

NOTTINGHAM seems to have far more Indian restaurants than other types of restaurants. Both major arterial roads into the city – Mansfield Road and Alfreton Road – are populated with curry houses, both takeaways and sit down restaurants. The city centre offers tastes of India on most streets too. But having sampled most of the […]


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